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To clean the aluminium rings of a gas cooker, soak in a solution of biological washing powder/liquid and warm water for about 30 minutes and wipe over.



Wipe brushed steel or aluminium with a little baby oil to product a lovely sheen and make it easier to clean next time. This tip can also be used for enamelled cooker tops.



To remove burnt on food from a saucepan just boil a cup of cola for a minute or two and it will remove the burnt on food. For very stubborn areas repeat the process.



To clean heavily discoloured brass items – great for outside door furniture. Cut a lemon in half – pour a good quantity of table salt on the exposed lemon surface. Use the lemon as a ‘cleaning pad’ on the brass item. Add more salt if you need to as you go along. Wash off with warm soap and water. Doesn’t seem to do any harm to surrounding paintwork or wood and doesn’t leave white stains like commercial brass polish products.



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